Jet Pumps


Another type of pump we carry at Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. are jet pumps. They are designed for providing water supply to farms, cabins, rural homes as well as pressure boosting, agricultural and horticultural applications. The various types of jet pumps are; shallow well, deep well, multi-stage and mini. These pumps are non-submersible and are typically mounted above the well. Their method of drawing water up from its source is by using suction and a large amount of pressure. 


When choosing a jet pump, you must consider the capacity that the job requires. If you need to pump water upward more than 25 feet deep, such as from a well, you should opt for a “deep well” jet pump. This would also be the correct type of jet pump if you are moving a large volume of water quickly or if you are moving it long distances such as from its source into a far away holding tank. The diameter of your well casing also determines what type of well pump you need and if you have a “deep or shallow” well. There are many elements to consider in choosing the proper pump.


Jet pumps can also be used for supplying water to sprinkler systems, pulling water from shallow sources such as streams, as well as supplying well water to a home. Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. would love to help make the decision easier for you regarding which style of pump to purchase. Our knowledge in pumps and how they work best, make us the very best people to consult on this topic.