Water Well Drilling


Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. are pleased to offer domestic and commercial water well drilling services in Saskatchewan & Alberta. It is our goal to ensure that your business or residential farm is supplied with a clean source of accessible water. 


Whether you are having an issue with your well that needs to be looked at or you need a completely new well drilled, get in touch with us to provide you with a quote for this service. We will attend to your property to assess your land and unique situation, and provide advice on the best approach to take. 


We quickly and efficiently drill new water wells using techniques that include heavy wall steel and fibreglass casing. We can also install a pump system to your well to complete the job. We drill water wells up to 10” diameter, with either PVC or steel. 


Typically water well drilling is best performed in summer weather conditions but it is possible to be done during the colder months, if necessary. We are also committed to protecting the environment while performing our services. Our crew members are highly experienced in the field. We are reputable and trustworthy in all of the services we provide. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. and let our professionals handle all of your water well drilling needs.