Groundwater products


Groundwater can be found almost everywhere, but it can take a little work to access it. It is a valuable natural resource and much of the population in urban and rural North American relies on groundwater for drinking and to irrigate crops. This is especially important in Saskatchewan & Alberta, where we have an abundance of farms and rural communities. 


Groundwater is typically clean, but it can become polluted or contaminated as a result of human activities such as farming or industrial activities nearby. Fertilizers, pesticides, urban runoff or leaking from landfills can all compromise the integrity of the groundwater on your land. Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd carries various groundwater treatment products to purify the water so that it can be used, if it is compromised.  


There are filters as well as monitoring and sampling equipment which we carry for our customers. Chlorination systems, odor eliminators, ozone systems, ultraviolet sterilizers, water softeners and much more. Shoot us a message and we can talk about what your needs are regarding the groundwater on your land.