Livestock Fountains


At Clark’s Supply & Service ltd., we sell the very best selection of livestock waterers and fountains for your animals. Our products are of superior quality and come with extensive manufacturer warranties so that you can be sure that your money is well spent when you purchase a livestock fountain from us. 


Providing a fresh water supply is one of the best ways to keep animals happy and healthy on your farm. Stale water sitting in the trough for long periods of time can lead to bacteria and also corrosion on the trough itself. There are many different capacities available for livestock fountains and water bowls, depending on your needs. We source both sealed polyethylene as well as stainless steel units. The designs of the fountains are sleek and are very low maintenance. They have a super strong water seal that resists freezing, cracking or tearing gaskets. They have hemmed rather than blunt edges to protect the animals from injury when they approach to drink.


By far, the most popular brand we carry is Ritchie Livestock watering solutions.They are easy to clean, economical to heat and are extremely durable yet lightweight. The brand is so trusted and durable that many producers never have to replace their Ritchie fountains for upward of 30 years. Check our supply of livestock fountains and you’ll be sure to find one that will serve your exact needs.