Grasshopper mowers


Clark’s Supply & Service Inc. only sells products that we believe in. Offering our clients only the best of equipment, is something we stand behind. We promise you that “comfort is king” and you will reap the benefits when you purchase a Grasshopper Mower from us. 


Yard work will no longer feel like a chore when you are zipping along the lawn on one of the highly ergonomic Grasshopper units. In fact, they have levelled up from “ergonomics” and proudly coin their equipment as “humanomic”.  The manufacturing of each of their models caters to the comfort and ease of the operator while using it. Mowing simply does not need to be so physically demanding. 


As an operator, your performance will also be greatly improved by owning one of the Grasshopper mowers. A smooth ride, excellent steering and precision and cruising along at faster mowing speeds than competitor models, will help you get the job done quicker without sacrificing the outcome. When you are done, you’ll still feel relaxed and the green space will have a manicured finish.


Harsh elements, such as we experience in the Canadian prairies, can take their toll on any yard equipment, especially those which are often left outside. The strength and durability in the manufacturing of the Grasshopper mowers we carry, will ensure years of long lasting use and value for your money spent. The design is strong yet elegant and all of the mowers are fused, bonded and feature a rust resistance powder coat finish.  


Please swing by the store or give us a call to find out if we carry the Grasshopper mower you’ve had your eye on. We look forward to hearing from you.