Water Level Indicators


Detecting water level below the surface and in a tank or a deep water well is easy to do when using one of the various water level sensors that we carry at Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. The reason for having a water level indicator is to measure and oversee water levels in a tank or well. There are also control boards that can be customized to consequently top off the water back to the sufficient level if it becomes too low.


The water level detection instruments we carry are of a very high quality and superior technology but are very user friendly. There are water level indicators which use a combination of probe sensors and float switches to sense water levels.


One of the most accurate types of water level indicators that we carry consists of a reel mounted polyethylene or kynar coated graduated tape attached to a stainless steel probe. A light is triggered and a buzzer sounds when the probe encounters water, letting the operator know that the probe has reached the water. The depth of the water in the well can then be quickly determined by reading the measurement on the tape.


If you are not quite sure which of these are right for your use, get in touch and we’ll be able to set you up with the best option for your personal or business needs.