Pressure Washer Detergents



The detergent that you choose for the job can be just as important as having a high quality pressure washer. Choosing the proper solution with the right chemicals, will ensure that the surface you are treating is thoroughly clean once you are done with the job. The soap or detergent used in your pressure washer must also be specifically designed for use in pressure washing machines, to ensure that there is no damage caused to any of the components.


There are many different types of pressure washer solutions available, depending on what you are cleaning. Many of the cleaners available on the market are biodegradable and are safe to use near greenspaces and plants without killing them. There are also pressure washer solutions that are endorsed as being safe if they were to be accidentally ingested by animals or children.


Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are three separate tasks that will require different formulations to achieve a proper result. Dirt removal, killing harmful bacteria and dissolving grease are not one size fits all jobs and may require specific ingredients depending on the issue you are trying to tackle, as well as considering safety to the surface they will be applied to.


Clark’s Supply & Service Inc. experts can recommend the best degreasing detergents for emulsifying grease, soot,oil and road grime in industrial applications as we have tried and tested many different products and can recommend the very best. Contact us today with all your pressure washer detergent needs, as we are here to help.