Scissor Lifts For Rent


Scissor lifts are used in jobs where vertical workspace lifting and capacity are needed.They are designed to provide a platform to work from that is larger than other types of lifts. The majority of scissor lifts available allow for heavier lifts than most boom lifts. This machinery is ideal for indoor use as we offer electric scissor lifts that are easy to operate, drive, and are emission free. Common uses would be electrical jobs, plumbing and hard to reach light installation, to name just a few.


The power source of some of our scissor lifts is electric. As mentioned, this allows it to be used for indoor jobs without creating dangerous fumes or gas odor in the building you are working in. Aside from electric scissor lifts, we also have a selection of gasoline and diesel run units such as the rough terrain scissor lifts which are perfect for outdoor use on a more rugged terrain.


All of this type of machinery is available for rent through Clark’s Supply & Service Inc. Depending on your construction site and project, we can provide you with either indoor or outdoor lifts to get to the out-of-reach areas. When lifting and maneuverability is essential to your operations, check out our selection of indoor and outdoor scissor lifts available to rent. Let us know what you are looking to do, and we will find the unit that fits.