Submersible Pumps


Submersible pumps are specially designed to be submerged in water without causing difficulties in functioning. These pumps are excellent equipment for a variety of different applications.They are capable of pumping with a great amount of pressure yet are incredibly energy efficient during operation.


Some of the common uses for this type of pump are to pump excess water from flooded basements, construction sites, work sites as well as for use in deep water wells. A submersible (borehole) pump is great for accessing fresh ground water near your home when you live in a rural area and do not have access to city water lines.Having professionals install a submersible pump into your well is a great way to save money in these circumstances.


Submersible pumps are also one of the most durable types of pump and the fact that the engine is sealed means that hardly any maintenance or repairs are ever needed. Please contact the knowledgeable staff at Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. today with any questions you may have regarding these pumps and find out if they will work for you.