Sewage pumps


When moving sewage away from your property, you want to be sure that you have a high quality pump that you can rely on. There is nothing worse or more messy than a failing sewage system or faulty pump. Sewage pumps are heavy duty, durable pieces of equipment that are used to move wastewater and solids away from homes and buildings. As with all other types of pumps, there are a wide variety of different sewage pumps to choose from depending on where they will be installed. 


Chopper pumps are able to handle larger concentrations of solid materials conventional sewage pumps cannot handle. For that reason they are frequently used in industrial wastewater applications and reduce the instance of clogs that can occur in sewer pipes. 


Alternatively, different types of  submersible sewer pumps are utilised where drainage by gravity is not possible or more difficult. 


Vertical sewage pumps are also frequently used. The nice thing about these types of pumps is that the motor sits above the floor therefore any repair that needs to be done to the motor can be done without coming into contact with potentially hazardous sewage. 


The rugged, heavy-duty composition of these pumps is typically made from the most durable materials such as stainless steel. There are so many different types of sewage pumps available, so determining which one is the right one, can be a challenge. Leave the dirty work to Clark’s Supply & Service and allow us to lead you in the right direction for your sewage pump needs.