AaLadin® Pressure Washers


Commercial pressure washers can be used to clean everything from concrete pads on properties, tractors and trailers, heavy-duty equipment and so much more. Pressure washing is a great way to quickly and easily remove built up grime on a variety of surfaces. 


Clark’s Supply and Service Inc. is a proud supplier of AaLadin pressure washers which are one of the top commercial pressure washers on the market. Learn more about this brand below and why we at Clark’s stand behind it as the very best pressure washer available. 


AaLadin Pressure Washers
For over two decades, AaLadin has provided equipment designed for every type of operation, and each model is engineered with a specific purpose in mind. Not every customer has the same wants or needs, and with over 100 models to choose from, AaLadin can meet virtually all cleaning requirements from large-scale equipment production to parts and service.






Welded Frames for Solid Construction
AaLadin pressure washers are engineered for maximum strength then fixture welded for the utmost frame integrity. They are manufactured with only heavy duty steel frames that are welded together for rigid long lasting durability. 


These units are superior to modular frame units, as those are bolted together inevitably loosening up and requiring continuous tightening. The loosening also causes wear and damage to the paint surface leading to rust, and other additional problems which can cause costly repairs. 


The welded frames of AaLadin pressure washers do not suffer from the same type of wear and tear which is why Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. trusts the brand for our customers.


Durable Power Coated Finish


AaLadin processes all painted surfaces with a phosphating process that assures a clean, etched surface for exceptional paint adherence on it’s equipment. AaLadin prides itself in every aspect of the product and the paint finish is second to none.


The paint itself is a high quality hybrid polyester powder coat style of paint that creates an eggshell like coating which is both flexible and durable. The result of using a hybrid paint produces a high gloss automotive-like finish which lasts for years while not losing its sheen.


Heat Chamber Design


AaLadin Cleaning Systems “Helical Coil Heat Chamber Design” allows for the most efficient use of heat with well spaced coil piping. Blanket insulation is utilized in conjunction with a solid molded insulation bucket baked to a ceramic finish. This insulation bucket assists in the effective use of the heat by chambering the fire directly to the heating coil.




The Innovation of AaLadin Pressure Washers


Clutch Drive Systems
AaLadin is the only Pressure Washer manufacturer to use the “clutch drive pumping system”, in it’s design.  Pump failure is the most common malfunction with other brands of pressure washers and this system (only available from AaLadin) makes pump wear and failure a problem of the past.  


The technology in AaLadin’s pressure washers integrates a clutch to activate the pump through a switch operated valve. The switch is sensitive enough that when the trigger gun is engaged, water flow is instantaneous. After the simple release of the trigger, the pump is disengaged immediately. It is as simple as that!


Manifold Plumbing System


A primary goal with every AaLadin pressure washer is using it’s design to simplify service. AaLadin features something called a “manifold plumbing system”. This plumbing system is a great example of simple and reliable design.


Competitor brand pressure washers have components that are connected to the pump through a series of fittings. The problem with this is every time the pump or attached components require servicing or repair, the process of disassembly and assembly is often lengthy and therefore costly.


AaLadin pressure washers feature a central attachment point that allows the components to be removed for service in a matter of minutes, no matter how serious the repair. This ultimately lowers the cost of the repairS which we are happy to pass along to our customers. 


Flat Free Tires & Mag Style Wheels


AaLadin is the first pressure washer manufacturer to offer a real solution to the all too common industry wide problem of flat tires. AaLadin’s ‘flat free tires’ are constructed from lightweight solid microcellular polyurethane which can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, yet they weigh 25% less than pneumatic assembly tires.
Unlike the tires on competitor models, these tires are not hard rubber (similar to toy wagon tires) nor are they collapsing foam filled tires. They are also non-marking with the bounce and cushioned characteristics of a traditional pneumatic assembly. 


This new tire has been matched with a uniquely engineered “chrome mag wheel” that combines to offer unmatched performance with the cosmetic value you can always expect from AaLadin products.


360 Degree Swivel Front Wheels


You simply have not moved a pressure washer with as much ease as the AaLadin 13 & 14 Series “four wheel portable swivel”, product line. This is a true 360 degree swivel with full size flat free tires that have extreme stability on both concrete and gravel surfaces. 


The redesigned units now feature the hose reel mount on the center of the front   bumper which provides a more even weight distribution than previous AaLadin models.


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