Pressure Washer Accessories


Investing wisely in accessories is a great way to increase the capabilities and versatility of your pressure washer. Depending on the surface you are cleaning, different nozzles and attachments that attach to the wand can make a huge difference in the efficiency of completing the job. You may be looking to increase the water pressure or establish a more direct water aim which can be achieved by selecting different shaped nozzles and water brooms that can change the flow of water. 


For large surface cleaning to hard to reach areas, we offer a wide range of accessories suited to tackle any job you can imagine. Some of the most commonly purchased pressure washer accessories we stock are: filters, oils, hoses and reels, adaptor kits, rotating wash brushes, nozzles and wands. Check out our wide range of products that will expand the functioning of your equipment to suit a variety of applications.


If you’ve lost or broken an important part on your pressure washer we can easily order replacement parts and accessories, to get you back up and running in no time. The possibilities are endless at Clark’s Supply & Service Ltd. Give us a call today.