Ritchie water bowls


A name that can be trusted, Ritchie Industries is a top brand for livestock water fountains and water bowls. As their saying goes, “fresh water for life”. We have confidence in their products as they consistently deliver on this promise. Ritchie has decades worth of satisfied customers that trust in their equipment to meet their large animals needs.


As a farmer or livestock producer, your animals are your investment. The care that is taken in properly feeding and providing water, should not be taken lightly. 


Their product line offers a large variety of different units to choose from. Some of their water bowls are a small compact design yet are fully insulated to keep the water cool in the summer, and also provide added protection during the winter. There are automatic units and permanent mounting options available, as well. 


There are thermostatically controlled units which feature a fast refill valve that will provide fresh, clean water even in the harshest of weather conditions. Your cattle and horses will not be standing over a frozen bowl of ice in -40 conditions, when you choose a Ritchie water bowl for watering.


One of the most well known features about Ritchie troughs is that their stainless steel units are designed with a wrap around edge which is not blunt and protects against animal injury during use. 


All of the Ritchie water bowls and fountains are easy to clean and maintain. If parts are ever needed, (which is seldom), they are easy for us to source. Call us or fill out our contact form to get more information on these products.