Excavators For Rent


Excavators are the perfect piece of equipment to clean up and clear out unwanted materials from your site. One of our most popular rental excavators is the John Deere 35D Excavator. This particular excavator is compact enough to easily transport, and it is well adapted for use in residential applications because of its size and versatility. Whether this unit will work for you, or no matter how varied your excavating needs may be, we can provide you with the proper rental machinery to get your work done timely and efficiently.


Determining the role the excavator will play in your project is the best way to identify what type of excavator is needed. Renting the proper size of equipment from Clark’s is a great solution to making you & your crew’s work more efficient. Rather than trying to force improperly suited equipment to work for certain tasks, we can help you select the exact tools that you are needing.


To discuss which excavator would be right for your job, contact the friendly crew at Clark’s Supply today, by filling out the form on our website or giving us a phone call. We are eager to help and look forward to discussing your project needs with you.