Jacobsen Mowers


Jacobsen machinery does the job of keeping green spaces trim efficiently and with a low cost of maintenance. They are an innovative brand, manufactured in the UK and established over 100 years ago. It is a trusted brand which is why Clark’s Supply & Service is a proud supplier of these products in Saskatchewan & Alberta. 


The mowers manufactured by Jacobsen have been trusted in parks, golf courses, airports, commercial green spaces, sporting facilities, military bases, and private estates for decades. They produce a variety of specialized mowers such as:  walk-behind mowers, fairway mowers, rotary mowers, reel mowers and others. 


They have the manufacturing down to a science, providing equipment that delivers safe and smooth operation, comfortability and a more productive user experience than some of the competitor brands. Any of the Jacobsen mowers assures that routine maintenance is easy to perform, and that any adjustments needed can be made quickly and without a great cost to the consumer. 


Please check out the wide range of Jacobsen mowers that we sell at Clark’s Supply & Service. We know you won’t be disappointed, should you choose a Jacobsen mower for your lawn keeping needs.